What is Register to Vote?

Register to Vote is a mobile application dedicated to making voter registration as easy as possible.
23 states currently offer online voter registration, and Register to Vote makes using these existing systems as easy as scanning your driver license.

Who Handles the Registrations?

Our application facilitates existing online registration processeses in states that support online registration.
After information has been generated from the ID, the user verifies that everything is correct –including his or her political party, social, and other required information.

By connecting users with the official state website, Register to Vote ensures that private information is only shared with official government registrars.

I Registered. Is that it?

It is! Once you reach the confirmation page, you will recieve an email from your state registrar if you elected to have a voter receipt emailed.

Does Register to Vote Store My Information?

Register to Vote only uses your information to populate input fields in already existing online registration systems. Your personal information is submitted directly to the state’s servers to ensure user privacy.

Which States are Currently Supported?

We currently support Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Lousiana, Massuchetts, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Utah

What Information do I Need to Register?

Your state issued driver license and the last four digits of your social security number (if required by your state).

How do I Scan My Driver License?

Scan the back (the side with barcode), not the front 🤓

Position the back side of your driver license in the frame and wait for the image to focus. If the image appears too dark, tap the "Light" button

My State Does Not Offer Online Registration. Can I Use Register to Vote?

Currently, Register to Vote is only available to users in states with online registration systems.

We continue to work on finding ways to provide registration solutions for users in other states, and we encourage you to email us if you want to work on your state next.

Don’t See Your Question?

Email us: questions@registertovote.io or check out our responses on our Product Hunt page


Register to Vote is an iPhone application that turns voter registration into a 30 second process. Why should voter registration be difficult? Simply scan, confirm, and submit!

If you can pay your taxes from your phone, why can't you register to vote? That's the question we asked when we first started this project in the winter of 2015.

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